Talent Brand matters…..

Employee engagement…..

Recent study by  Aon’s Assessment Solutions (APME)  on Talent Acquisition on eight countries/regions surveyed: China, India, Malaysia, Middle East, Philippines & Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand found the importance of  employer branding in  attracting and engage quality talents. Among the important aspect are inspirational leaders and opportunities for teamwork, empowerment, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Consequently, my study with Azlan (2018) in the furniture industry supported Aon’s Assessment study (2018) where if they perceived employers’ having strong brand, they are most likely to be committed. Work that are challenging will also drive them to be more engaged and committed to their work. Consequently, there is significant difference between male and female in terms of work engagement. Women seems to be more engaged. Most likely they have many friends around to share their joys and sorrow  !!!!

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