Business or Pleasure?

The Japanese MOTTO: Don’t over do it.

There is a saying in Japanese (actually I knew this from a Ghibli movie (My neighbours the Yamada), that one of the students ask their teacher what do you want to become? Do you want to change  jobs, do you want to be married, do you want to be rich?

And the teacher replied, my motto is ‘Don’t over do it”. At the instance I liked the motto. I mean what it is not to like right? We have always been asked since small to over do things. To give back what our our parents have  given us since small, to study hard, to have lots of friends, to enjoy life while it lasts to its maximum, to buy expensive cars, furnitures, and other lavish items when possible, and earn lots and lots and lots of money to facilitate these dreams and wishes.

But don’t over do it, is a total opposite of these statements. Why , for one you can give a lot to your parents by being by their side, talk to them and laugh with them eventhough you are not with them all the time, you can enjoy life even with a limited budget, you can take day trip, or have a staycation or just go to the parks and still able to enjoy life to the maximum, you can still buy a car eventhough it is not the premium ones, you can still buy furniture’s nice ones in fact from IKEA and assemble your own, in fact of you are a creative person you can even DIY from the existing stuff that you have at home.

You don’t have to over pour your love to your parents, just give what they need that’s all. What I’m saying here each parents have different needs from their children, if your mom for instance likes to be listened at, then by all means just listen. Don’t give opinion. Remember, don’t over do it. Then we can always live in peace and harmony.

Same goes if you are working, especially for companies that practices favouritism and doesn’t really value extra hard work from their employees. Ask yourself, is there a need to work more than is required? Some may say, work hard and you will be noticeable, but some may say why bother? Do as told. Well, to each its own. Only you would know whether your hard work has its benefits or not.

Think about it, just don’t over think.


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