Malaysia & Me

As the year is drawing to an end, it is time once again for reflecting how the year has turned out. To me, what strikes me most is how my country has evolved this year, and how I see myself in it. I love Malaysia. I love the New Malaysia even more.  Being Malaysian is everything to me. I love the rain and shine throughout the year; I love food 24 hours of the day, I love my family and friends who are colourful and ‘colour-blind’ (yes – there are mix marriages in my family and circle of friends!); I love the Eastern traditions and rituals… and I embrace them all.

5 days away from Malaysia is all that I can take, and then I start missing my home, Malaysia. I get excited when I see almost-Malaysian faces overseas – I dare to walk up to them and ask if they are from Malaysia, and then we strike up a conversation in Malay as though we are old friends! I do this all the time when I am away from my most beloved Malaysia.

Among all, I see potentials among the young ones, as they seem to be inspired, and are more aware of the happenings in our country such as violation of fundamental human rights as well as being critical to global issues such as preservation of Mother Earth, and more importantly, being true Malaysians. They are more acceptable to the different facets in multi-ethnic Malaysian life and are non-chalant to the rantings of some aggressive and biased leaders.

What annoys me most are the persistence of some of our so-called leaders who like to play politics by stirring up sensitive issues, even though they are non-existent in the first place! These people talk about ‘tolerance’ when they should be talking about ‘acceptance’. I do not want anyone to tolerate me, ‘accepting’ me for who I am is the fundamental policy I prefer for everyone to advocate.

My hope for my country: That Malaysia will be forever blessed with kind-hearted citizens and credible leaders who will eradicate the oppressed hard-core poor and position them in mainstream development in this beloved country of ours. My hope for New Malaysia is to prosper economically, socially and culturally, through legal, constitutional and democratic means.

Malaysia, tanahairku. Malaysia, kebanggaanku

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