Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…reduce, reuse, recycle!

Cluster of Business and Management once again held a mini workshop on 9th of August, 2019 where the main objective of the workshop is for the CBM staff to advocate on the act of recycling.

The facilitator, AP Dr Richard taught the participants on how to recycle plastic wastes such as plastic bags and plastic mineral bottles and turn it into a reusable material such as plastic planters and bags.

Prophet Muhammad, PBUH last words among many others before he bade farewell was said: ‘no one should shed blood and cut down trees’. We may not be able to stop the wrongdoings that is done globally. Nevertheless, caring for the environment by recycling and reducing waste is the least of the things that can be done to save the deteriorating world of today.

It was certainly a beneficial session for the participants.

Picture credit: Yanty Roslinda & Tuan Fatma Written by: Zulaika Zakariah

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